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    MACK Companies is an organization of real estate divisions with over 38 years of experience that offers investment, construction, residential, commercial, landscape, and brokerage services.

  • James ‘MACK’ McClelland

    Co-Founder & CEO

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  • Jim McClelland

    Co-Founder & COO

MACK Companies Management


Mr. James ‘MACK’ McClelland of MACK Companies

“We care deeply for each other and it shows every day.”

Entering my 41st year in real estate, I oversee MACK Companies, which has become a leader in development and re-development of real estate.

For me, it all started in 1976 as a real estate agent. In 1979 I started Gaslight Realty in South Holland, Illinois. In 1982 I sold it to ReMax Realty. This ushered in the development of commercial residential real estate for me. — Read More

Jim McClelland

Jim Mack

“We have grown but we have never strayed from our core values.”

Although I have been partner with my Dad for over fifteen years, I did not start my career in Real Estate. After earning my degrees in environmental science, I held an associate professorship at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. After two years of teaching, I decided it was time to come back to Chicago to pursue a career in Real Estate. — Read More

Bob Gorski

Bob Gorski

“I am proud to bring what I have learned to this conglomerate of highly energized people.”

Growing up in Chicago, I have always been a sports fan. My brother and I kept track of all the sports stats, and my grandfather was a president at a bank. He let me work on his ten key. In high-school at a career day, it dawned on me that accounting might be a good idea. — Read More

Founded in 1998, serving investors, development partners, businesses, renters and home owners for nearly 20 years

The MACK Companies Philosophy

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In a neighborhood right outside Chicago, centered in a town rich with history you’ll find the MACK Companies; a family of real estate divisions. The parent company, MACK Industries, was established in 1998 by Chicago entrepreneurs and real estate redevelopers, Jim McClelland and James “MACK” McClelland. Mr. Mack, as he is referred to by his employees, partnered with his son Jim to lay the foundation for what is now one of the nation’s largest redevelopers of single-family homes. The McClelland family of industry professionals brought with them a wide array of talent, but most importantly, the McClelland father and son brought with them a set of core values they embedded deep into the corporate philosophy. Those values allowed them to expand far past the family owned and operated MACK Industries to grow to an organization of over 6 construction and real estate divisions and 150+ employees known as MACK Companies.

“Here at MACK Companies, we are all about family and it permeates all aspects of our business. Family is all about caring, support, and relationships which are the very same values we extend to our business philosophy.”

- Jim McClelland

MACK Companies Values


At MACK Companies, we are: Caring

We believe that every family and every business will prosper only if they are caring to those they work for and with. We work hard to ensure that everything we do is in the best interest of the community and neighborhoods we serve. Possibly the best reflection of how we care is demonstrated by the way we interact with our employees and business partners. MACK Companies listens first, talks second, takes the time to assist and spends time understanding what every employee and business partner wants for their future and from a relationship with us.


At MACK Companies, we are: Dedicated

MACK Companies is a family of organizations dedicated to raising the quality of life for everyone we interact with. This dedication is expressed through our promise to give our attention to any and all concerns in a timely manner no matter the day or hour. We work hard and dedicate ourselves to our work so that the individuals and communities we serve can experience a greater quality of life.


At MACK Companies, we are: Knowledgeable

Lead by some of the industries most informed professionals, MACK Companies puts experts at the head of every division who practice sharing knowledge with every employee. Our companies are made up of professionals with years of experience in asset management, accounting, construction, property management, leasing and maintenance all of whom make it a priority to stay informed on industry trends and practices. Our organization’s leaders always take the time to share their knowledge with MACK employees and business partners.


At MACK Companies, we are: Humble

With over two decades of experience under our belt, we have made more than one mistake. Here at MACK Companies mistakes are never swept under the rug; but instead they recognized so that we can grow as an organization. Employees at MACK are encouraged to both give and accept criticism. Our mistakes and the lessons learned from them are what make us experts at what we do.


At MACK Companies, we are: Dynamic

At MACK Companies we strive to stay ahead of the curve. We constantly push ourselves to think and act progressively so that we can offer our communities and business partners the best real estate opportunities available. At MACK Companies we aim to always keep an open mind and are constantly seeking ways to improve upon the industry standards in management, construction and redevelopment so that we may remain at the forefront of the real estate business. MACK employees are always open and listening for the next opportunity, with a ‘call us’ attitude.

By keeping true to the values we were founded on, MACK Companies can continue on its efforts of Raising the Quality of Life.’

MACK Companies Culture

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At MACK Companies we work and play like a team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The office environment is one full of collaboration, thought provoking conversations and an open line to ownership. The MACK Companies management holds weekly operation and leadership meetings where employees are encouraged to communicate hurdles and problem-solve new solutions. After working hours you can find the MACK Companies team participating in local sporting events, socializing at a local restaurant or shooting hoops on Tuesday nights at the Orland Park Sportsplex. For those who’ve joined the MACK Companies team, there is an immediate sense of belonging – where your personal and work successes are celebrated and where you are encouraged to do your part in ‘Raising the Quality of Life’ for customers, vendors and co-workers on a daily basis.

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Our Community

MACK Companies is a proud Chicago business with roots embedded deep into the history and culture of the South Chicago Suburbs. All professionals on our team are dedicated to improving the communities we serve by working hand in hand with local municipalities, buying from local vendors and participating in local events and charities. For over 20 years MACK Companies leadership has fostered relationships with over 30 locally owned Chicago businesses and partnered with numerous roofing companies; all of whom center their focus on bettering the communities they operate in. For over 5 years the residential divisions of MACK Companies (MACK Estates and rentMACK) have provided pet friendly homes in conjunction with the organization’s support of the Tinley Park based P.A.W.S. shelter. In March of 2014 a group of MACK Companies professionals and partnered businesses joined the Tinley Park Park District Mens 12” Softball League where they made it to the spring playoffs.

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