‘A’ Property

  • ‘A’-quality homes generate the highest and most consistent return on investment, regardless of how desirable the location. MACK Investments’ single-family homes are redeveloped to new-construction standards, delivering the high standard of living that ‘A’-quality residents demand.

    Prior to acquisition, an ‘A’-quality property meets strict structural and pricing criteria, and provides room for growth as residents’ lifestyles evolve. MACK Investments performs an exhaustive redevelopment of each home, replacing all HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, in addition to structural components like roofing and masonry. Top-grade finishes, such as granite counter tops, ceramic tile and wood flooring, are also installed to further elevate the ‘A’ residents living experience.

    Having redeveloped more than 1,200 bank-owned properties to new-construction standards, MACK Investments understands how to deliver an ‘A’-quality home. By maximizing the resident’s comfort and minimizing the need for repairs, MACK Investments deliver properties that generate positive, consistent returns.