‘A’ Resident

  • An ‘A’ resident possesses two key traits – taking exceptionally good care of the property, and staying long-term. To have one trait without the other results in lost revenues and money spent to make the property rent-ready for the next resident.

    MACK Investments carefully screens every prospective renter, ensuring that each property is occupied by an ‘A’ resident. Discovering how the resident treats their current home is a critical factor to identifying an ‘A’ resident. That information directly correlates to how much time and money will be needed to make the home rent-ready when they leave.

    Beyond the level of care a resident provides during their tenure, an ‘A’ renter also has ties to the local community. Proximity to employment, schools or family, all contributes to the likelihood of the resident staying long-term.

    Combining these traits with an ‘A’ property in an ‘A’ location will enhance the profitability of the investment.