Oak Park Avenue Realty, LTD.

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    Oak Park Avenue Realty, LTD. is a licensed full-service real estate, leasing and management company that provides seller, buyer and management services to real estate owners in the state of Illinois.

    At Oak Park Avenue Realty, LTD. our mission is simple – Treat our clients and customers like the valuable resource that they are by providing them with the very best in real estate representation and customer service.

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“We are very customer focused and customer driven, not sales driven. We like to consult our clients and make sure that we are providing the very best level of service and representation when it comes to the sale of their home.”

- Victor Gutierrez, Managing Broker

Our Managing Broker

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    • Single-Family, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Condominiums, Townhomes, Luxury Estates, Office Space, Farmland, Vacant Land, Time Shares
    • Member of NAR, IAR, MORE

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  • Victor Gutierrez

    — 18 years

    My business philosophy is simple and straight forward. For 18 years I have built my business one relationship at a time. I recognize, understand and embrace the Idea that our clients are the most important assets and “key” link to the long term success of our business. Whether you are a first time buyer or seller or a seasoned veteran I believe you deserve the best representation from a company that will put your best interest and goals as the true measure of success.

    With 18 years in the Real Estate business I have learned that the business continues to evolve each and every day but the core basic values remain the same. People still want to sell and people still want to buy. I believe home ownership is a deep seeded core value that has been implanted in our very DNA.

    What sets us apart is our Brokers unparalleled expertise in three vital areas; Current market conditions, recognizing shifting market trends and lastly having the aptitude and ability to effectively use today’s technology and marketing tools to get the desired outcome. As an example in 2015 we had two brokers recognized as having earned awards and listed in the Top 1% of all brokers in the Chicago Association of Realtors.

    Our team is fully committed to meeting our client’s expectations. Every member of our team will always have to answer one question to how they perform a clients’ needs. That question is “Can I put my Name to That?”

Our Brokerage Team

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    John Gutman

    — 7 years

    • Single-Family, Condo, Multi-Unit, Mixed Use, Commercial
    • Top 1% seller since 2007 by CAR (Chicago Association of Realtors)
      and Main Street
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    Ann Kelly Heitner

    — 1 year

    • Single-Family
    • Member of the Women’s Council of Realtors
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    Patricia Coleman

    — 3.5 years

    • Single-Family, Condominium, Residential
    • Member of the National Association of Realtors
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    Shauntyle Watson

    — 9 years

    • Single-Family, Luxury Estates
    • Coldwell Banker “Rookie of the Years” 2006
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    Keith Tarasiewicz

    — 3 years

    • Single-Family, Multi-Family, Luxury Estates, Condominiums, Investment Properties, Residential Rentals
    • Member of MORE
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    Matthew Rolnick

    — 10 years

    • Single-Family, Condominiums, Parking Spaces
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    John Coakley

    — 9 years

    • Single-Family, Commercial
    • Longest-Tenured Agent at rentMACK

The Benefits of Listing With Us

    • More Internet Buyers

      Over 90% of buyers use the Internet for their property search. Our knowledge and listing tools enable us to place your property on national, local, and international real estate sites for fast results at the highest price.

    • Trust and Integrity

      Oak Park Avenue Realty, LTD. has been known for uncompromising trust and sterling integrity. To know us is to trust us. We do our best to make every transaction a successful one for our clients.

    • Online Rapid Response

      Our state-of-the-art lead management system quickly answers the question your potential buyers have, bringing internet leads, questions about properties and appointment requests to our sales associates’ cell phones in a matter of seconds.

    • In-Depth Local Knowledge

      Our brokers hold decades of experience working in Chicago neighborhoods. In fact, many of our brokers are residents of the communities they work in, making them experts on the location as well as trusted neighbors.

    • Mortgage Pre-Approval

      With your valued time in mind, we pre-approve buyers through a detailed process. This tactic enables us to screen prospective buyers and limit the number of showings in your home to qualified buyers only.

    • Relocation Services

      Our relocation network generates thousands of transferring sellers and buyers. Our brokers garner listing and buying referrals through our global network. We are connected to out-of-town buyers and we have the network that delivers results.