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    Growing up in Chicago, I have always been a sports fan. My brother and I kept track of all the sports stats, and my grandfather was a president at a bank. He let me work on his ten key. In high-school at a career day it dawned on me that accounting might be a good idea.

    “I am proud to bring what I have learned via my jobs, my experiences and the real world to this conglomerate of highly energized people.”

    After earning my bachelors in business administration with an accounting major at John Carroll University, and then my masters in finance at Loyola University, I worked at some very prominent global firms. I was in accounting and finance the first few years and then transitioned into strategic planning and general management roles. Today, I consider myself a business manager, not just an accountant.

    What I’ve learned is that when you’re an accountant, you have more of an affinity toward detailed transactions and the internal controls of the business, the nuts and bolts. And, what you are involved with less is the 40,000-foot strategic thinking that filters down to the detail. You need the whole picture when you run or view a business. That’s how I look at it from MACK Companies’ perspective – what can we do to grow our revenues, become more efficient at what we do, generate a healthy net income, satisfy our customer base and create shareholder value?

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