Working at MACK Companies

As members of the MACK Companies organization, we dive head first into our challenging, fast-paced working environment with great enthusiasm. Filled with the utmost professionalism and expertise, our team works collaboratively within all facets of real estate. With continued and impressive corporate growth, it would be easy to suggest a loss of personal connection, yet the reality is quite the opposite. At MACK Companies our work time is just as critical as family time, and often provides a similar fulfillment. The simple qualities of care and thoughtfulness ultimately create a positive and devoted team whose goals all align. Our experienced group is comprised of individual professionals who contribute specific and direct skill sets that help build upon our established success. MACK Companies provides all of our team members with the opportunity to build a long-standing and rewarding career.

– The MACK Companies team

Where We Are

Proudly headquartered in Tinley Park, IL our 2014 renovated office spaces provide the best tools in technology and a contemporary office design that allow us to work collaboratively, creatively and efficiently.

What We Are Seeking

MACK Companies employs forward thinkers that are stimulated by both group and individual projects. We look for self-starters who understand the importance of personal growth and who can adapt and learn from constructive criticism. Professionals that work at MACK Companies must share openly and willingly, work well in a team environment and participate actively in a group setting. In addition to their ability to work in a team setting, professionals must be able to take direction and are methodical in their attention to detail. Employees should posses a respect for the systems and procedures in place while always trying to push MACK Companies to be the best we can.

MACK Family in the Spotlight

  • Sheila Paravich

    There are few people that you can truly say makes everybody feel completely welcome and that they belong. Here at MACK Companies, that person is Sheila Paravich. Sheila has been with MACK Companies for a little over two years, but it feels like she has been here since the beginning. She is, single-handedly, everybody’s cheerleader, office mom, and go-to for anything going on around the office. While always putting her role as Office Administrator first, Sheila manages to be the first person that a guest sees when they walk in along with organizing elaborate associate events for the office. Sheila always has a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and above all, true loyalty to MACK Companies.