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    Chicago’s suburbs offer a rare mix affordability and quality in commercial property development. Located within the third-largest economy in the country, the Chicago suburbs continue to attract a diverse pool of residents, resulting in opportunities for business owners and developers to expand their commerce in rapidly growing and demographically diverse areas. At MACK Commercial, we have a deep understanding of the local markets and are passionate about the growth and development of Chicago’s suburban commercial industry.

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South Chicago Suburbs

  • Our long-standing relationship in the south Chicago suburbs energizes us to not only participate in the revitalization of the single-family market, but also the commercial and retail market our neighborhood residents have created a demand for. Our capabilities to work in both redeveloped as well as new construction allows us to provide our clients and our community with a well-rounded and vibrant commercial infrastructure.

MACK Commercial

The commercial leasing division of MACK Companies, MACK Commercial provides quality industrial, office and retail commercial spaces to Chicago-land’s large and small business communities. Founded by James ‘MACK’ McClelland, MACK Commercial is lead by an expert with over 40 years of commercial brokerage and leasing experience with a team of professionals who specialize in the development of leasing and marketing of commercial properties. MACK Commercial gives business owners opportunities to expand in high quality, build-to-suit commercial spaces in locations optimal for high traffic volume.

  • Mack Commercial Property Investments

  • Mack Commercial Property Investments

    • Mack Commercial Property Investments


    In 2014 MACK Commercial completed the customized redevelopment of the 6800–6820 Centennial Drive campus office space.

  • Front

    • Demoed existing conference room and reception area
    • Demoed existing ceiling and reinstalled new drywall ceiling
    • Built new conference room and reception area
    • Installed new lights, TV/Data equipment and plumbing work for conference room
    • Installed glass walls, ceramic tile and waterfalls for new lobby
  • Back

    • Retrofitted existing offices into a bull pen area
    • Redesigned HVAC to accommodate the number of people in the area
    • Demoed existing offices and junior conference room walls, installed glass doors
    • Demoed existing floors and renovated them for new carpet tiles
    • Modified existing ceiling to reflect new layout for new furniture
    • Side

      • Demoed existing kitchen and bull pen area for the new layout
      • Built two executive offices and copier area
      • Demoed existing floor and renovated the it for new carpet tiles
      • Installed new windows for the accounting area
      • Demoed existing ceiling, installed new ceiling and lights for new furniture