Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers with over 20 years of construction experience, our MACK Developers team has been contracted on projects in all major facets of the real estate industry including residential, commercial, mixed-use and a wide array of public and senior housing projects.

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On-Time. On-Budget.

Our extensive experience brings invaluable skills to every project we are contracted on. Whether we are performing as a general contractor, construction manager or participating in the design build phase of a project our goal as real estate developers is always the same – to deliver projects on time and on budget.


An experienced and dedicated general contractor and construction manager, our MACK Developers team bring with them years of experience working in their existing core management team perfecting a method of project management that has allowed us to meet and exceed construction timelines and goals.

During the pre-construction process, we work diligently with owners and project designers to ensure budget constraints can be met, offering value engineering solutions along the way that enable owners to maximize the value of their project. MACK Developers coordinates the setup of back buying by providing detailed scopes of work and budget, as well as participating in the permitting process, using our project management tools to keep all parties connected and organized.

Well-versed in the procurement of project bids, our MACK Developers team leverages our network within the midwest market to gather the necessary trade subcontractors, material, and equipment needed to complete a project in a budget-conscious fashion. Our management of subcontractor and vendor contracts is organized and detailed, allowing us to focus on more pressing project details. While on the job, our MACK Developers team works to secure the job site, providing necessary items to control an environment that will aid management in the highest levels of production on a project, including the supply and organization of office space, temp services, office equipment and temp roads. Our well-practiced construction process is one centered around maintaining an organized project that keeps everyone on-schedule and on-budget.

The delivery of a project on-time and on-budget is of our utmost concern, but after that comes our dedication ensuring that the project is fully operational and has the appropriate procedures in place to be well-maintained. The MACK Developers management team will lead the coordination of occupancy inspections and receive a certificate of occupancy from the governing municipality for every project we manage. We always provide the necessary training, maintenance information, manuals, and operation information to the owner, ensuring that the extemporary status of the project can be easily maintained in the long-term.



MACK Developers provides nearly all clients with a design-build option that grants them the benefits that come from sourcing the design and construction phases of a project together. The MACK Developers design-build method aids our clients in time and financial savings, creating value that may not otherwise be attainable in a limited budget with minimal collaboration between design and construction. Our years of experience in the design and construction space allow us to offer our clients expedited delivery times, reduced procurement times, limited contract hassle, and an economical, high-quality design, that brings conceptual project goals to fruition.

Self-performing select trades allow the MACK Developers team to have control over the sequencing, coordination, scheduling and quality management of trades that can cause cost overruns.


Equipped with state-of-the-art excavation equipment, our MACK Developers team is able to supply our clients with budgeted services in site preparation, grading, trenching, tight access excavation, demolition and rock-breaking. With years of experience in space creation, our ability to self-perform one of the larger and beginning phases of a project allows us to have direct control over the delivery of the project on a client’s timeline. Because we are able to self-perform concrete work and excavation, our teams are experienced and well-versed in the needs of both trades, allowing for timely and cost-effective services in this phase of the development.


Our largest single-day pour was 675 cubic yards of concrete on the foundation at the 747 N. Clark street high-rise project. MACK Developers laborers have performed concrete work on retail centers, schools, police stations, industrial buildings, parking garages and multi-family resident projects. We employ cement finishers that specialize in concrete construction, and at our peak in production, have had more than 80 skilled tradesmen working on concrete construction at one time. Our MACK Developers concrete superintendents have over a decade of experience working together and have famously stated “the more difficult the concrete work, the better!”

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MACK Developers employs several crews of carpenters that our management team has over a decade of experience working in tandem with. Our carpenters are some of the most efficient in the industry with a history of delivering the interior schedule of a project on time. MACK Developers has employed over 90 carpenters and tradesmen devoted to interior build outs, concentrating on metal stud framing, drywall, insulation, acoustical ceiling tile, millwork and trim carpentry on projects that include: nursing homes, Wal-Mart super centers, Aldis and HH Greggs.

Safety Plan

    • Accountability

      Every person on site is required to check-in and sign a safety agreement to ensure that all regulations are understood and agreed upon.

    • Toolbox Talks

      Toolbox Talks are required by all tradesmen and sub-contractors, which teach the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions.

    • Security

      The entire construction area is fenced in and secured for the safety of the workers and the surrounding community members.

    • Surveillance

      All activity on-site is monitored in real-time with video surveillance to insure a safe working environment, theft prevention and review processes to increase efficiency.

    • Daily Audits

      All activity is audited daily to identify hazardous conditions at the worksite and ensure safe work practices are being followed.

    • OSHA Compliant

      We have staffed managers with OSHA cards and all work is performed in compliance with OSHA regulations.


As a leader in the industry, MACK Developers is committed to being a responsible company that makes a positive impact in the communities we serve. As a part of our culture, MACK Developers is dedicated to recycling, energy conservation and reducing or eliminating waste. We actively promote the benefits of ‘green construction’ with clients and encourage green practices with the use of environmentally-friendly building materials. MACK Developers team leaders continuously seek to substitute materials that are lower priced, less volatile and more sustainable to achieve a better end-product. We believe ‘smart, sustainable building’ adds tremendous value to any project.

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