Digital Media Opens Market to First Time Investors

I’ve been a licensed broker for 8 years now and although that may seem like a short amount time – the industry has changed drastically. 8 – 10 years ago real estate investing seemed like a financial opportunity afforded only to the super wealthy and well connected. If the average investor was looking to diversify within the market they had to partner with an expert, a broker or a group of investors. Today, with the evolution of digital media and communication we find ourselves in an investment market place that is saturated with savvy first time investors.

Public forums like ‘Bigger Pockets’, personal blogs from industry experts and well-marketed podcast by wealth building networks have opened the door for anyone seriously interested in learning about and investing in real estate. This ‘sharing the knowledge’ movement grants individuals the opportunity to be exposed to markets outside their backyard. Which, for those investors that live in higher risk markets, means the ability to diversify without the risk. When local experts around the country all take to Bigger Pockets forums or pick up the mic and record a show they enable all of us the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the market that national ‘gurus’ cannot.

Here at MACK Investments, we’ve seen the limitless access to information empower individual investors to get in the RE game and diversify their portfolio.

For some this means buying, rehabbing and renting a home on their own with the guidance of those bloggers showing them the way. However, even with the best digital education has to offer, it’s important to understand it is a full time commitment and 75% of first time flippers fail because they are ill prepared. Additionally, many investors don’t have the time to rehab, rent, and manage on their own which is why our full service, or ‘turn-key’ investments have been so popular over the past few years.

As advancements in digital communication continue – I think we will see more and more individuals empower themselves to build wealth on their own and to strategically invest in real estate with the guided advice of educators online. In the next coming months MACK Investments hopes to spread the word to investors around the world about the opportunities afforded in the Chicago market and why working with a turn-key provider means you DON’T have to quit your day job to invest. Stay tuned for the release of the MACK Companies podcast show.