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MACK Investments properties are redeveloped by MACK Companies’ residential construction experts, all of whom focus on bringing every one of our investment homes up to new-construction standards. We know that the quality of the redevelopment work performed up-front will directly correlate to profitability down the road. All MACK Investments properties are updated with new plumbing, mechanicals and roof if needed. We understand that homes with top-grade finishes that require minimal upkeep will attract and retain ‘A’ residents, ensuring long-term profitability, so we invest in the materials and construction personnel that will bring every home up to our ‘A’ property standards.

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    Residential Redevelopment

MACK Investments strategically purchases in south suburban Chicago, an area with a rare mix of affordability within the third-largest economy in the country. Truly an ‘A’ location, the Chicago area is home to a diverse pool of nearly 10 million residents, creating economic opportunities and a high demand for single family home investment.

What you should know about Chicago:

AT Kearney | World Business Chicago | City of Chicago
  • Economic Stability

    • Ranked 3rd largest economy in the in the U.S.
    • Ranked within the top 10 metro GDPs in the global economy
  • Population Diversity

    • 10 most globally integrated cities
    • Known as the “city of neighborhoods”
  • Employment Security

    • Chicago is home to 255,502 different firms
    • Home to 31 Fortune 500 companies
  • Accessibility

    • The ‘L’ and Metra have 19 different lines that service 386 stations
    • The robust transit system connects over 135 neighborhoods to the city of Chicago
A strategic, turn-key process at every stage
  • Acquisitions

    Comprised of market analysts, licensed appraisers, construction experts and contract specialist, our acquisitions team of professionals dedicate their time and skill-set to identifying and securing optimal single family home investment assets throughout Chicago-land’s 77 community areas, while continuously researching new areas of opportunity.

    Each month, our acquisitions team spends hundreds of hours analyzing the more than 1500 properties that come available each month, selecting and bidding on just 200 of those homes. The selection process is managed through a unique grading scale based on property location, size and home style requirements. Only the top scoring assets with potential to become an ‘A’ property continue on through to the contracts and closing phase.

    Our professionals work in concert, executing streamlined processes throughout each stage of acquisition. This combined expertise serves as the springboard for MACK Investments’ portfolio of properties and high earnings potential for our investor clients.

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    Homes assessed per month


    Offers made per month


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Leasing and Rental Management

Guaranteed* to rent at market rate, every MACK Investments home is leased by an experienced, licensed professional from our partnered rentMACK management division. These leasing experts take the time to advertise, show and screen for the highest quality renters the market offers.

Once a property is rented, the residents and the home they occupy are assigned to a specific property management professional whose job is to ensure the monthly income, maintenance and upkeep of the investment asset.

The unique partnership between rentMACK and MACK Investments grants our clients the ability to work seamlessly with one organization that provides all investment management needs.

  • Personalized Investment Experience

    Whether you are considering investing for the first time, or own multiple properties or if you’re buying for your personal portfolio or on behalf of an institution – our MACK Investments advisors will work with you to build an investment strategy that aligns your single family home investment goals with our opportunities. Investment consultations are organized personally and can be done both locally to our headquarters in Chicago-land area or remotely.

    Every Friday at 10:00 AM CST we release our available inventory list to existing and prospective investors with detailed property descriptions and full pro formas. All homes are sold on a first-come-first-serve bases.

    Once a property has been selected, MACK Investments professionals help coordinate with the selected lender as well as appraisers from contract to close. All investors receive monthly income statements, photos and updates on the property enabling them to passively engage with their performing investment asset.

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