Turn-Key Real Estate Investment

Turn-Key Investment Advantages

How we Invest

Choosing to partner with a turn-key real estate investment provider grants investors who are not renovators or landlords the opportunity to invest in real estate passively and to do so with experts in the industry who’ve built careers around building experience, dedicating time and perfecting real estate management solutions. We offer the optimal Chicago real estate investment opportunity from start to finish with financing, leasing, management, maintenance and landscaping as well as a refresh and re-lease for new tenants. Our industry experts take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Single Family Investment Guide


  • 18 years
    Nearly two decades of business experience in the SF real estate industry

  • 105 certificates
    Specialized certificates held by a 75-man redevelopment team

  • 1500 homes
    Number of homes redeveloped


  • 94 hours
    Time spent acquiring one single-family rental home

  • 404 hours
    Time spent redeveloping one home to new-construction standards

  • 135+ hours
    Time spent leasing and managing one single-family home


  • 22 leaders
    managing a fully vertically integrated turn-key operation

  • 10 GCs
    each with a 7-10 man crew

  • 30 experts
    that tend to property maintenance issues 24/7

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The AAA+ Strategy

Like any investment, single-family turn-key real estate envestment assets bring with them a level of risk. The primary reason that MACK Investments properties yield long-term profits is because of the ongoing management of the investment property and of the resident/owner relationship. The AAA+ investment strategy in based on the idea that the occupancy and management of the asset is of the utmost importance. While acquiring homes, redeveloping and then leasing them, we make decisions that we know will ultimately attract ‘A’ quality residents. Those quality residents rent ‘A’ properties in ‘A’ locations. For nearly two decades MACK Investments clients have enjoy the positive returns that come from investing in strategically purchased, redeveloped and managed homes.

  • ‘A’ Location

    The first three rules of real estate are location, location, location. ‘A’-quality locations also present a strong pride of ownership throughout the neighborhood.

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  • ‘A’ Property

    ‘A’-quality homes generate the highest and most consistent return on investment, regardless of how desirable the location.

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  • ‘A’ Resident

    An ‘A’ resident possesses two key traits – taking exceptionally good care of the property, and staying long-term. To have one trait without the …

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