A Better Approach

A Better Approach

The MACK Companies mission to ‘Raise the Quality of Life ’ for all individuals we interact with first began with our promise to deliver quality, redeveloped homes to Chicago’s suburban communities. Since 1998, we have been perfecting a better approach to the art of redevelopment – bringing life back to homes that were once an eyesore for the communities they dwell in. Built to new-construction standards by the MACK Companies residential construction team our rentMACK and MACK Estates homes are built for improving the quality of life of long-term residents.

Hailed as “the fastest growing real estate company in Chicago” by Carin’s in 2014, the MACK Companies is a family of real estate divisions from the parent, MACK Industries, with a better approach. Established by Chicago entrepreneurs and real estate redevelopers, Jim McClelland and James “MACK” McClelland, MACK Industries is now among the nation’s largest redevelopers of single-family homes. The McClellands brought a set of core values embedded deep within their corporate approach. They have grown the company to over six construction and real estate divisions with over 150 employees.

At MACK Companies, we have a better approach. Our team of industry professionals work hard every day to make sure that we are acting in the best interests of our community and the neighborhoods we serve. We listen first, talk second, and take the time to try to understand what each employee and customer wants for their future, as well as what we can offer from a relationship with us.

“We never treat any two homes the same because each redevelopment is unique and every job requires specialized attention. The only similarities you will find in our Estates line are the superior construction standards we set and the quality finishes that best complement each home.”

- George Patterson, Director of Residential Construction