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Single Family Homes for Sale in Chicagoland

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      A division of the MACK Companies organization, MACK Estates offers quality new construction and redeveloped homes in the Chicago-land community. MACK Estates homes are built with owners in mind by professionals with over 30 years of experience in new home construction. With homes from 1,400 sq ft to estates with over 9,000 sq ft MACK Estates provides a wide range of homes for both first time and move-up buyers. Every Mack Estates home has been hand selected and undergone a rigorous redevelopment process to ensure peace of mind for its new owners. MACK Estates proudly provides homeowners with estates that exceed ownership value and expectations. These homes are sold through our affiliate Oak Park Avenue Realty. Please click through the above link to contact an agent.

    MACK Estates offers quality new construction and redeveloped homes to the Chicago-land community.


    MACK Estates provides redeveloped and new construction single-family homes in some of the most in-demand Chicago area locations. With demand residential real estate investment high, and inventory low, MACK Estates specializes in delivering sought-after housing opportunities for first time and move-up home-buyers in ideal communities with rich history and loyal, long-term residents.

    Concentrated in key neighborhoods with a strong infrastructure, MACK Estates homes are located in communities that feature:

      A Team from Your Community

      With a long-standing and successful business history in the area, the professionals at MACK Estates haven’t just made these Chicago neighborhoods their job site, many have made them their home. These hardworking professionals bring with them an attention to detail and a respect for the communities that can only come from people who share a passion for the conservation of the neighborhoods their families reside in.

          • Redevelopment Process

            Every MACK Estates redevelopment begins with detailed scopes completed alongside Chicago-land’s preferred vendors in HVAC, electrical and plumbing. Our skilled team of sales and interior design specialists walk every home to ensure that all improvements made to a home’s floor plan are ideal for living convenience and raising property value. During the construction of a redevelopment, all electrical, plumbing and HVAC is installed to meet or exceed current building code requirements. Furnaces, roofs and water heaters are replaced if nearing the mid-term of their warranty and sewer lines are scoped to repair any blockage by tree roots and other obstructions. When necessary, bedrooms and bathrooms will be added to meet or exceed our three-bedroom, two-bathroom minimum.


            MACK Estates specializes in providing for-sale single-family homes in key Chicago areas. Each neighborhood in these areas has a high demand for quality housing, with limited new-construction inventory. MACK Estates’ neighborhoods are primarily located south and southwest of Chicago

            • Chicago


              One of 77 communities in the Chicago-land area, this historic neighborhood holds a population of 20k residents, boasts the highest elevation level in the city and plays host to 9 Chicago boy’s, girls and co-education private schools. The charming and well-known Beverly neighborhood features beautiful historic brick homes, large home lots and stunning architecture. Beverly is one of the top 5 largest historic districts in any major US city and is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago.

              Mt. Greenwood

              Just 14 miles southwest of the Chicago loop, the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood is home to 25k residents with a median income of $80k. Probably most known for St. Xavier University, the neighborhood has a bustling commercial and retail development infrastructure. With its affordable prices and prime location, Mt. Greenwood is a popular housing destination for Chicago’s own police officer and fire department officials. Like many other Chicago neighborhoods, this community has its own branch of the Chicago public library and is often noted as being a perfect suburb to raise a family.


              Located on the Southwest side of Chicago, the southern portion of this neighborhood is home to Chicago’s Midway International Airport as well as the noted Lawler Park, a park which hosts organized little league softball teams. Clearing is home to over 30k residents and features recognizable Chicago bungalows that provide homeowners with easy maintenance, full basements and highly desirable tax rates. MACK Estates professionals note Clearing as one of the best locations to purchase redevelopments, as the market indicates home values to continue to climb in and around the community.

              Archer Hts.

              Named after Chicago’s Archer Avenue, this picturesque neighborhood is located near both the city and Chicago’s Midway International Airport, a feature that has boasted an increase in the community’s manufacturing and transportation facilities. With a population just over 13k, residents of Archer Heights enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the suburbs with the convenience and perks of the city. Ease of access to I-55 allows homeowners a direct line into the city, while its community features over 4 neighborhood parks and developments.

            • Chicago North


              With an impressive population of over 79k residents, it’s no surprise that Belmont is one of the largest and most popular northern Chicago neighborhoods. The community is just 8 miles NW of the Chicago loop and is a place built on commerce and industry. With an active residential community, Belmont is home to proud homeowners that work hard to keep their neighborhood a vibrant location with occupied storefronts. Belmont has a great deal of traditional Chicago homes, including bungalows, 2-flats and cape cod-styles.


              One of 77 communities in the Chicagoland area, this NW Chicago neighborhood offers a variety of housing options that include modern split levels, raised ranches and two story homes. Unique by comparison to many Chicago areas, these communities’ homes often feature large yards with fences and back alley garages that a majority of the 42k Dunning residents benefit from. The neighborhood borders the villages of Harwood Heights, Norridge, River Grove and Elmwood Park and with easy access to shopping via the Harlem Irving Plaza Shopping Center.


              Home to predominant international business headquarters, Schaumburg is a Chicago suburb with its name proudly displayed on the city map. This community is 28 miles northwest of the loop and has a population of over 74k residents with a household median income of $66k. The ideal location offers ease of access to I-290 and has the 11th largest mall in the United States; Woodfield Mall. Home owners of Schaumburg boast that it’s the best Chicago suburb to build a life, raise a family and create memories.

              Elmwood Park

              With a population of over 24k residents, nestled just 13 miles west of the Chicago loop, Elmwood Park is a popular neighborhood for local and transplant Chicagoans. Home to ‘Johnnie’s Beef’, one of the best Italian beef spots in the Chicago-land area, this community has roots that run deep in Midwest history with it being noted as “the oldest continually inhabited village within the Chicago region.” Also ranked #7 on the list of the best block party places, Elmwood Park has a true and fun sense of community.

            • Chicago West

              Villa Park

              Villa Park has a population of 22k and is located just 20 miles west of the Chicago loop. Homeownership is at 71% for the neighborhood and most communities in Villa Park offer residents large lots, quiet subdivisions and close proximity to downtown. With an active local government, Villa Park is in the process of approving a $23 million dollar street improvement plan and is home to the Illinois Prairie Path, a national historic trail, as well as railroad stations on the National Register of Historic Places. Rich with history and small town charm, this Chicago suburb is great location to call home.


              Considered the sister town to Villa Park, Lombard represents Glenbard school districts, some of the best schools in the state of Illinois. Home to the annual Lilac festival parade, you can find many of Lombard’s 43,395 residents in attendance for this event. Located just 22 miles west of downtown, residents can find themselves hopping on I-290 for quick access to the city or taking the Union-Pacific west Metra rail.


              With a population of over 110k, Elgin is the 8th largest city in Illinois. Located 40 miles west of Chicago’s Loop, Elgin is home to a number of private schools for all ages due to it’s large population size. Residents enjoy the downtown district that is home to many local bars, restaurants and entertainment hotspots. Every year, one can participate in a number of different parades, bar crawls and other events!


              The city of Aurora is the 2nd large city in Illinois (albeit quite the distant 2nd to Chicago) with a population of almost 200k. The town is also home to its own 4-year University. Located 40 miles west of Chicago, residents of Aurora never complain of boredom! With premium outlet malls located right off of I-88, a downtown district located off Fox River and the historic Paramount Theatre, there is something to appeal to all ages in this growing suburb of Chicago.

            • Chicago South


              Convenience is key for residents of Cicero. Not only are they able to take advantage of classic suburban living, but it’s one of the closest suburbs to Chicago, just 8 miles away from downtown. With a population of 84,103, Cicero is the 10th largest municipality in Illinois, and continues to see that number rise as many redevelopers and investors have found great opportunity in this market. Cicero is also a popular town for new condominium buildings, one of which rentMACK has redeveloped.


              One quick drive around the town of Berwyn might create the illusion that you passed right in the middle of a Hollywood set as it’s been the center of multiple blockbuster films (Wayne’s World, A League of their Own and Wanted). This town boasts a massive shopping center that features stores such as J.C. Penny and Fannie Mae Chocolates. Residents flock to the massive (15 acres) Proska Park to enjoy the scenery, playgrounds, baseball fields and tennis courts. The town has partnered with Berwyn Development Corporation to seek out new construction opportunities for this growing community.

              Evergreen Park

              Named after its many evergreen trees planted during the town’s inception, Evergreen Park was one of the first established suburbs just south of the city limits of Chicago. Located approx. 17 miles south of the loop, residents are able to enjoy the luxuries of suburban living, while still having quick access for a night on the town in the city of Chicago. Though it is its own standing municipality, Evergreen Park shares its borders with 3 popular Chicago neighborhoods (Mt. Greenwood, Beverly & Hometown).


              Located approximately 30 miles south of Chicago’s Loop, the city of Flossmoor was once nationally known for its many golf courses and country clubs, some of which (Flossmoor Country Club and Idlewild Country Club) still stand there today. This community offers suburban living at its finest, with massive lots and homes that come in all shapes and sizes. Residents can take advantage of the commuter rail, which runs right through the city’s downtown district, home to Flossmoor Station, a local brewery/restaurant.

            Our MACK Estates homes are designed with homeowners in mind; we provide an array of products that are competitively priced and exceed buyer expectations.


            The MACK Estates new construction division has been built upon our 30+ years of experience in the industry, where we have centered our focus on providing quality housing of all designs and price points throughout the Chicago-land market. Over the past three decades, the leaders at MACK Estates have built homes of all sizes and designs, encompassing entry-level homes to multi-million dollar estates. Regardless of the project size, our goal remains the same on every project; to provide the very highest quality constructed home. Our MACK Estates new construction homes are designed with homeowners in mind; we take this responsibility seriously and work diligently to provide an array of products that are competitively priced and always exceed buyer expectations.

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

            Standard Finish

            The ‘Standard’ finish delivers high-quality interiors that compliment the unique housing styles found in many Chicago neighborhoods. White moulding, rectangular porcelain tile and satin nickel finishes add to the home’s appeal.

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            Traditional Finish

            The style of the ‘Traditional’ finish level provides a more classic appearance. Oak moulding, cherry cabinets and 18” square ceramic flooring presents a very warm look.

            • Traditional-Finish_001


            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            Contemporary Finish

            The ‘Contemporary’ finish level adds elegance to the interiors. Espresso cabinets, marble countertops and silver glazed porcelain tile provide a more modern feel.

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Single Family Homes for Sale

              Single Family Homes for Sale

            • Contemporary-Finish_003