Village Recognizes MACK Companies House

To many of our real estate investors we stress how imperative it is to have an ‘A’ quality home and for just about everyone the reasoning is simple; quality homes attract quality residents and raise property value. Well, as some investors across the country have experienced – that is easier said then done. A bad redevelopment can cause issues later on for occupants, making it more difficult for them to maintain the property. Spotty craftsmanship inside a home eliminates an opportunity for resident pride – something that should never be undervalued. As we at MACK Companies have learned – if we provide a property our residents can be proud of – they will work hard to maintain that asset.

There is no better example for this then the MACK Companies redeveloped and rentMACK managed home at 22051 Churchill Drive, Richton Park, IL. In December of 2014 this property was presented with a White Ribbon Award from the Village of Richton Park’s Beautification Committee. The award was granted to us in recognition of the outstanding care and attention given to the property. Although the MACK Companies name is on the recognition – the property has been occupied by one of our rentMACK residents for nearly two years.


So as we recognize the beauty and maintenance of the home in Richton Park, we have two parties to thank; the MACK Companies redevelopment team that worked on the home and our rentMACK residents who currently reside in and have gone above and beyond to maintain the quality of the home.


The MACK Companies redevelopment team is supported and often led by a group of individuals from the Advanced Home Remolding team. This group of redevelopment professionals have been working on MACK Companies homes since 2009 and have worked on over 300 homes in the MACK Companies portfolio. Mike Marion, the president and owner of AHR, has a reputation in the Tinley Park offices as a leader that runs crews efficiently, producing some of the highest quality work in the Chicago-land area. It came as little surprise to us here at MACK Companies that a home recognized for outstanding attention and beauty, was (as we call it) a ‘Mike Marion’ home.

Knowing how much went into the redevelopment of this home, our rentMACK property manager Jason Marcordes was proud to hand over such a high quality redevelopment to the residents that occupy it. That pride was clearly passed on to the resident of 22051 Chruchill Drive, Kimberly Washington who has lived in and maintained the quality of the home for nearly two years. Jason tells us that Kimberly is one of the best residents to work with; she is always pleasant, takes great care of the property and communicates quickly when she faces any maintenance issues. That being said – Kimberly has only had two maintenance requests filled since she moved in, a indicator that she is a self dependent resident who takes initiative but also that the home she was handed over is of superior construction standards. “It was absolutely perfect. We have no problems here.” is what you’ll hear Kimberly boast today about the place she has called home for two years. Her pride is evident and we hope ours is as well because we are truly so proud to have residents like Kimberly Washington living with us.

From the redevelopers who make an old home like new, to the property managers that hand them over, on to the residents that reside in a home, it is the partnership and above all the care and pride we all hold for our homes that make MACK Companies such a great place to work, live and invest with.

We thank everyone involved not only in the Richton Park home but all 1200+ rentMACK homes for their dedication to preserving and maintaining the quality that MACK Companies works so hard to bring to these neighborhoods.