Pixels Increase Price: Hire a Professional Photographer

Often in the workplace, we find ourselves needing to operate as multiple people-in-one in order to get the job done. And of course, this requires having a large variety of skills. Entrepreneurial and independent in nature, real estate brokers may find themselves needing to visually market a property on their own. This can result in less-than-attractive iPhone photography and presentations, or no photography altogether, which can directly affect the successful sale of a property. In a time where the market is already progressing, why slow yourself down?

Hire a professional photographer for your real estate listings. Here’s why:

More online views: 92% of home buyers are searching on the internet. Listings with professional photography are viewed 61% more than others. The more clients view your attractive listings, the better chance for more foot traffic at the home. And, more leads can mean more sales.

Better first impression of property: In the short attention span world that we live in today, you likely only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. Most people will not go through a listing unless it has images, and will likely view the available images first over (your very well written) property description. If the photographs are low quality, poorly lit, blurry, or just poorly composed, will a home buyer still want to see the property without knowing what to expect? The reputation of the home can ride on this first look.

Better image of company - more business: You are a professional real estate agent / company - why not professionally represent yourself with great marketing? Buyers will be impressed with your web appearance regardless if a particular listing is fit for them, and will likely wish to see more of your inventory. And, on the sellers’ side, your clients will be more inclined to share photos of their property to family and friends - also known as, referrals! And lastly, with the portfolio you will quickly build, it will be easier to gain new clients.

Ask for more money: Yep, that’s right - as reported by the Wall Street Journal, you are more likely to receive more than the original list price if you display high quality photos of the property. Based on certain tiers of listing prices, you are able to gain anywhere from $934 to $116,076. Considering how low the expense can be for professional photography, it is clear to see the worth.

Sell faster: Homes professionally photographed sell days, even weeks faster than their counterparts. The internet has become a major source for listing searches, which allows for the public to have a better idea of what the home looks like and not be surprised during their showing. With homes ranging from $200,000-$499,999, the sale can occur anywhere from six days to 3 weeks sooner.

You’re probably not a photographer: Rule number one: owning the equipment does not instantly make you a photographer, just as owning a race car wouldn’t make you a professional driver. With years of experience under their belts, professional architectural photographers are capable of instinctively capturing the best views of a home or space. Photographers are not just trained to use equipment, but to simply use their eyes. The ability to successfully compose an appealing photograph, keeping in mind the format of the space, the colors, and the light is enough alone to be conscious of, for both exterior and interior situations. And, don’t forget additional lighting, operating camera equipment, and post-processing imagery with high-end software.

One less thing you have to worry about: Instead of spending time and money trying to learn quick tips and tricks of photography and using software that you don’t fully comprehend, you can spend your time doing what you’ve originally set out for - sales!

Doesn’t cost as much as you think: Since professional photography can increase your purchase price by thousands, the hundreds you may spend on photography is a worthy investment indeed. Not only are you paying for the physical act of photographing and post-processing, but the ownership or permissions of the photography. That’s not shabby at all.

All in all, blind dates can be exciting, but not when it comes to a large investment, such as a home! Do yourself and your future buyers/sellers a favor by increasing your odds for a great offer, sooner.

MACK Companies is proud to staff a professional photographer for all its visual marketing needs, but especially for our MACK Estates division.

To find a photographer, we suggest starting here: Talent Pool